Lady of the Lake

So, yesterday marks my fourth time (I think) staying in my grandpa’s vacant apartment during weekend. Ahem, you see, I live in East Surabaya while most of my friends (and my bf, of course:p) live in the west. The west also has lots more cafes and dining places compared to the east. Basically, in order to save my time and energy getting back-forth from east-west-east, I decided to make use of my grandpa’s apart;)
My grandparents left pretty much everything in place when they last visited the apartment, including the nifty decorations. Here are some of my favorites.

Ranked 3 – A glossy tea set.

Ranked 2 – Oooo I love how this screams “Japanese!” (or probably Chinese) to me. I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture. I mean, look at the tiny vase(?).

Ranked 1 – A shih tzu doll! Amazing how it resembles the real thing…if only I’d clean its fur.

I’ve been planning to use the apartment's garden as a background in my photoshoot muahahaha, but I haven’t got the chance to. I’ll share how it looks once I get the chance :D well staying in this apartment absolutely has some advantages;) I don't have to worry what time I'll be home, and I can have fun without being troubled by the thought.

Oh right, have you seen Dark Shadows? I watched it yesterday. Bottomline? Terribly spooked by the dark atmosphere -_- I can’t never watch movies with ghosts in it… Gahhhh they always scare the hell out of me. Yesterday I slept with one eye opened because my imagination was playing tricks on me. Too bad, since it was an okay movie. It will probably be intriguing to analyze! :p (English Lit student, at your service).
Btw I couldn’t stop staring at Vicky’s outfits, literally.

 This would be my definite favorite. Cape coat with red buttons and belt, white tights, and mary jane

Lastly…outfit photos for last Friday night! <3

 My highest pair of heels everrrrr. My legs look awesome with it :D

 What I did with my iPod :p

As usual: a sunset sky. Too bad I couldn't snap clearer pic.
Nevertheless the sky's color was very beautiful ;)

A preview of an upcoming look!<3

P.S: The title of this post is taken from an entity who gave King Arthur his most famous Excalibur sword. Been reading a lot about King Arthur thanks to Fate/Zero, and I’d just found out that in contrast to most films about King Arthur, Excalibur is not the sword that he pulls out of the stone.

I'm going to close this post with a smile!<3

Outfit: Aqua Blue Boyfriend Blazer from mum's closet || Simple White Dress || Heels from Charles and Keith


The Green Effect ft. DIY Starlign Card

I can be so behind the schedule when it comes to updating my blog *sigh*

Anyway, the last Saturday, 5th of May, was my bf’s 21st birthday. I always have that sort of happy-go-lucky feeling whenever his birthday comes, making my mood tons of times better than normal days. Why? Why of course, I’m expecting a nice dinner haha! I’m such a glutton X3 However, this year (or at least last weekend) we didn’t get to go anywhere because we couldn’t bear to leave Kelsey. And who’s Kelsey again?
 Kelsey, the “it” dog

She’s actually my bf’s but I kinda feel like she’s mine too since I go along pretty well with her. She was a bit depressed because my bf’s mum wasn’t home, so we figured we might as well play with her. At first I was a bit disappointed (ohhhh my nice dinner T^T) but I turned out to be fun! My bf and I ended up eating Gado-Gado and Lontong Mie at Lionita.
Gado-gado (salad with peanut sauce dressing)

Lontong Mie (Rice cakes with noodles… and fried tofu :3)

Pumpkin Doughnuts from Pump-O as snacks. Their peanut butter topping is a must try<3

Btw, this is what I got for my bf for his birthday.
Razer Hydra (he asked for this…he’d better give me something nice for my birthday later haha). The descriptions are actually pretty interestingXD should probably give it a shot too.

Aside from this, I always make sure that I make something handmade for his birthday, and for this year it is a card. Starlign = star aligned, as opposed to star crossed :p

Cover: baby blue tuxedo and baby pink Victorian dress (laces are actually from a tissue paper I got in a rice box… The moment I saw it I knew I just had to save it :D)

Inside: Left - An illustration drawn by me , Right – A personal message (purposely shot blur-ish since it’s personal lawl :p)
The trick here is to use thick double tapes. The rest is just standard paper cuttings. Well generally I’m satisfied with the result, though I’m not too happy with the neat aspect.

I don’t feel like posting the outfit I wore that day because it was just sweaters plus short pants. Pretty standard, but we stayed at home all day anyway XD sooo I’m going to post what I wore in my relative’s engagement on Sunday.
 Can’t help but to feel too green-ish. Or am I being overly sensitive?

My Everbest pumps are back! I guess they can’t really stand idling inside my wardrobe.

Outfit: Green Dress from Mango || Baby Brown Envelope Bag || Everbest Pumps || Mum's Necklace
So how was your weekend everyone?

EDIT: I forgot to add these photos I took during Saturday's sunset moment ;)