The Watermelon Issue

Just a quick update since I have to be working on my assignments. I need to remind myself to stop procrastinating, rawr >.>

Got my hand on this dainty peach skirt. For me, it’s the perfect shade of peach<3 love how it’s not too orange nor too pink. Combined with my lime green shorts, I am somehow reminded of a watermelon, lol. If the colors were darker, it would’ve been a perfect watermelon outfit :D

I managed to get some shots in front of my house today :p honestly, I had worn this look for three days in a row, secretly looking for a chance to snap some pics. Today I finally had the chance!

 Awkward pose!

So how’s your  Friday and Saturday night? :D
I spent my Friday night at this nice cafĂ©, Hare and Hatter, while waiting for my sis who went to her friend’s sweet seventeen party at a restaurant nearby. They don’t really allow photographing inside the building, so all I could do was photographing my supper.

Say hello to the large pizza ;) it’s made from a really thin tortilla, making it just perfect to fill my stomach a little bit.

Highlight of the day: Chocolate Souffle!
Believe it or not, it actually melts in your mouth. Imagine all that chocolate<3 Kinda went well with my Ice Coffee Latte.

As for Saturday night, I spent it hanging out with my bf and 2 other friends of mine at Starbucks.

Love this shot!

Caramel Frappucino. Literally a taste from heaven… Hands down to the super delicious Starbucks’ caramel.

Poor little Sumatra-Java Coffee Mousse. It got eaten before it got its chance for a shot XD

Pretending to be candid… and had an epic fail.
I hope you all had an awesome Friday and Saturday night too! ;) oh right, the inspiration for the look comes from Dapur Cokelat’s Rainbow Cake<3

Outfit: Reversible Mocha Cardigan and Lime Shorts from GOWIGASA || Peach skirt || Owl Necklace || Baby Brown Envelope Bag || Cream Wedges from J-West
See ya!


The Rooftop Story

After 2 weeks of no outfit post, I wanna try something dramatic by taking shoots in a whole different background. Honestly, it takes lotsa efforts (or sweats) to get into the place which is…mah roof. XD

Whoooo the breeze. (that feeling after you climbed up the roof)

My typical outfit to campus :D I seldom feel like dressing up to campus, but when I feel like it, the easiest way is to “preppi-fy” my outfit a.k.a wearing a collared inner with a plain shirt on top of it. Sometimes, I add a ribbon to make it cuter, but at other times, a cute necklace will suffice :p btw, does this pair of geeky glasses make my face seem rounder?

The ladder to the roof takes ninja skill, especially if you’re carrying these thick books. Ah, how I miss climbing the roof. I used to do it a lot when I was a kid. Those good ol’tomboyish days… I remember I loved staring at the sky whenever I was feeling blue. Right. My rooftop was my escape, despite mum's constant yelling that I dirtied my pants a lot by sitting up there :p

 The un-edited version of lookbook:)

It’s kinda odd to see dirty roofs scattered all over the background, isn’t it?

Details of my inner white shirt. And my DIY nail<3 an instant reminder of a Nano Nano candy.
(Btw blame the ladder for the green-ish stains on my hand D:)

A close look of my giraffe necklace. Say hi! 

New Mary Jane pumps from Everbest. They’re having a renovation sale at Galaxy Mall! Scored this for IDR 253,000, which is around USD 25.

Had difficulties at adjusting the setting of my camera (I’m still a dork at using this Nikon 5100D), resulting in less blur-ish backgrounds. I need to practice more D:
On a small note, I think this is the first time I take pictures of me with my normal, straight hair. I actually styled it a bit for the photoshot, but it ended up….let’s say messed up, after a tiring climb to the roof XD

Outfits: Geeky Glasses: Sister’s || Giraffe Necklace || White shirt || Pink Shirt: Zara || Jegging: Zara || Mary Jane Pumps: Everbest.

Thanks to my littlest sister for being my photographer of the day<3


A Tribute to my PSP:)

I haven't got time to shoot another look these weeks, but I sure do have time to shoot some of my personal collections, one of them being my PSP (Playstation Portable)<3

Say hello to the little piggy! :D

You see, I've loved playing video games for as long as I can remember. I owe my current level of English to video games, because if it weren't for them, I'd have never found my life's calling: studying languages. 

Speaking of video games, I have just realized the importance of buying the original ones instead of the pirated ones. This may sound easy in Western countries, but not in a developing country like mine. My currency is pretty low compared to USD. Let's see, USD 1 equals to IDR 9,000 (my currency). With IDR 9,000 you can get a plate of fulfilling fried rice here, but what does USD 1 mean in US itself? 1 original video game of PSP (henceforth called UMD) costs about USD 50, which is around a whooping IDR 450,000. I have to save money to buy these UMDs, not to mention I still have lots of fashion needs .__. one thing that convinces me until now is that buying originals means supporting the creators. As a true gamer, I believe that this is one thing I can do to show my support to the creators:)

I only have 3 UMDs, because sadly, my realization comes to late and the era of PSP will soon end. PS Vita is the successor, but I'm still not sure whether to buy it since I already have my PS3. I have shown some love to my PS3 in my facebook page, so I thought I'll give some love too to my PSP in this blog<3

As a closing, here's a random shot of my precious rings. They're all handmade, purchased from a small store in Singapore's Far East Plaza named Sunflower. Sunflower sells lots of cute handmade stuffs from jewelry to books. Definitely not to miss if you're a fan of handmade stuffs like me :3 

Thanks for reading<3


The Getaway to Break Away

Soooo today I’m going to post 2 outfits, worn on last Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s look: The Getaway

Had an awesome lunch at a restaurant named Tiga Nyonya. They served Peranakan (or Malaysian food) with homey and traditional ambience.

Highlights of the day: es kacang merah and emerald fried rice.
The es kacang merah was extraordinarily delicious. I’m not even a fan of red bean, but it was delicious. The sweet taste came from the bean itself. The delightful sweetness… took me to heaven (that’s a little bit too much,lol.) The emerald fried rice was equally yummy. I wasn’t sure of its taste since it was green and all, but it was pretty delicious. The green color naturally came from its core ingredient: green chili.

A goofey photo alert! :p
Now that was a bit unfortunate.. The angle was great but my face was tad ugly X)

Wearing dark brown soft-lenses from GOWI Lens (forgot the code :p)

Outfits: Peek-a-boo Shorts from GOWIGASA || Flats bought on airplane || Bag from Accecorize

Saturday’s look: Break Away

Not much to say because I didn’t bring my camera that day… Too bad since the food at Fujiya Japanese Restaurant and the ice cream at Boliva was awesome! :D some more outfit photos on the way… (excuse the lame background, they were taken at home:p)

Close-up photo:

This one’s weird but taken at a good angle XD

 Love love my new shorts<3

Outfits: Brown Lola Blazer, Soft Yellow Peter Pan Top, Eloise Shorts, Red Belt, Rainbow Bracelet from GOWIGASA || Heels from Charles and Keith

Thanks for reading! <3 comments are loved!


Those Cake-Like Pumps

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First thing first, allow me to introduce myself :D
My name is Levina, currently a 6th semester student of English Literature. I picked the major because I thought it'd be my passion of a lifetime…but, time proves that it is not the only one (which is a relief.. You know, being proficient only in English sounds pretty boring). Truth be told, 'm actually pretty fond of art, but I'm not that good at drawing realistic stuffs like anatomy and stuffs, so my specialty is drawing chibis, just like this one I'd just done yesterday.

Cuteness overload, just the way I want it. Perhaps I should add some more cutesy stuffs or a cutesy background?

*ahem* So yesterday, after I'd finished this drawing, I went out for a date with my bf. I was initially planning to wear a white blazer that's been left unused in the wardrobe for a while, buttttttt on second thought, I decided to wear my new brown studded jacket from Zara.

Some photos taken prior to the date. (please ignore that air conditioner remote :p)

Oh, and the title of this first post comes from the cute shoes. It was love at the first sight, really. They look like…cakessss.
There were two colors: orange-brown vs. nude-brown. My mum was about to buy me the orange one, but I hesitated. Orange-brown doesn't exactly scream "cake" to me, so nude-brown it is! :D

The date was fun, like always. I watched The Wrath of The Titans, which was good IMO, since I'm a big fan of the stories of Greek gods&goddesses (I know I'm such a nerd :3). Our dinner was at The Rocks, our favorite restaurant. Too bad I did not bring my camera. I'd love to show you the mouthwatering dishes of The Rocks <3

Thanks for reading! As a closing:

Mie pangsit from Siantar, a small restaurant near my neighborhood a.k.a my lunch today.

Brown Studded Jacket from Zara || Mustard Skirt from Zara || Shoes from Mitju