Those Cake-Like Pumps

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First thing first, allow me to introduce myself :D
My name is Levina, currently a 6th semester student of English Literature. I picked the major because I thought it'd be my passion of a lifetime…but, time proves that it is not the only one (which is a relief.. You know, being proficient only in English sounds pretty boring). Truth be told, 'm actually pretty fond of art, but I'm not that good at drawing realistic stuffs like anatomy and stuffs, so my specialty is drawing chibis, just like this one I'd just done yesterday.

Cuteness overload, just the way I want it. Perhaps I should add some more cutesy stuffs or a cutesy background?

*ahem* So yesterday, after I'd finished this drawing, I went out for a date with my bf. I was initially planning to wear a white blazer that's been left unused in the wardrobe for a while, buttttttt on second thought, I decided to wear my new brown studded jacket from Zara.

Some photos taken prior to the date. (please ignore that air conditioner remote :p)

Oh, and the title of this first post comes from the cute shoes. It was love at the first sight, really. They look like…cakessss.
There were two colors: orange-brown vs. nude-brown. My mum was about to buy me the orange one, but I hesitated. Orange-brown doesn't exactly scream "cake" to me, so nude-brown it is! :D

The date was fun, like always. I watched The Wrath of The Titans, which was good IMO, since I'm a big fan of the stories of Greek gods&goddesses (I know I'm such a nerd :3). Our dinner was at The Rocks, our favorite restaurant. Too bad I did not bring my camera. I'd love to show you the mouthwatering dishes of The Rocks <3

Thanks for reading! As a closing:

Mie pangsit from Siantar, a small restaurant near my neighborhood a.k.a my lunch today.

Brown Studded Jacket from Zara || Mustard Skirt from Zara || Shoes from Mitju

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