Easy Breezy Beachwalk - Bali Day 1

Hello everyone! I just got back from my trip with my family to Bali yesterday. Honestly I am not a huge fan of beaches because I hate getting tanned haha. I don't think sunblock helps much, so my trick not to get tanned while in Bali was walking on the shadows of things. I spent lots of my energy doing this, but I think of it as a form of exercise ;)

So we started our trip by having our lunch at Warung Made in Seminyak area. People say that this is a must-visit delicacy... Are they right?

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) Ala Made

Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce)
 Actually, the most famous dish is the Nasi Campur (not sure how to translate this... Steamed rice served with marinated meat, chopped chicken, and noodles?), but I don't really like Nasi Campur in general, so I opted for the fried rice. The fried rice was okay, I guess. Not so outstanding, actually. However, the chicken satay that my sis ordered was really delicious! :D
Verdict? Well, a must visit if you know what to order.

Then, we went to Legian to do some window shopping. Surfer Girl had some of the most updated clothings I've seen compared to what we have here in Surabaya, really. Too bad they closed the outlet in Galaxy Mall. I saw tie-dye shorts and tops, vintage tank tops, colorful shorts, galaxy skirts, and this list can go on and on :p

The bomb monument in Legian
I remember it being so hot that we ran to the nearest Gelato shop and bought some ice cream.

My sis' piano teacher suggested visiting Potato Heads Beach Club, so that was our next destination.
Arriving there... Well, you'll instantly know why that club is so famous. I didn't take any pic, but I'm sure you can take a look at its unique architecture if you google a bit ;)

My companion - The Apple Strudel
A random girl whom I crowned the best dress of the day haha. I'm almost 100% certain that she wears the Mango skirt I've been eyeing for a while now.
A random guy with his uber cute son<3 he noticed that I snapped a pic. He was smiling a bit :3
And so, time for outfit show-off! Since it was a holiday I tried to keep it as simple and comfortable as possible.

Kept the last two pics a bit dark on purpose a.k.a to hide my bunny teeth :p

Outfit: Red Tank Top, Yellow Shirt, and Braided Brown Belt from GOWIGASA || Denim Ripped Shorts from Cotton On || Peach Sandals from Ruby || Colorblock Earrings from Forever 21 || Owl Necklace || Red Watch from Peugeot Avenue || Sunnies belong to my bf

It was an amazing first day in Bali, nonetheless.
Will blog about the following days one by one each day! ;)

On another note, my favorite online shop, GOWIGASA, has just had its new arrivals. Make sure you take a look at it because it has some cutest clothings<3