A Tribute to my PSP:)

I haven't got time to shoot another look these weeks, but I sure do have time to shoot some of my personal collections, one of them being my PSP (Playstation Portable)<3

Say hello to the little piggy! :D

You see, I've loved playing video games for as long as I can remember. I owe my current level of English to video games, because if it weren't for them, I'd have never found my life's calling: studying languages. 

Speaking of video games, I have just realized the importance of buying the original ones instead of the pirated ones. This may sound easy in Western countries, but not in a developing country like mine. My currency is pretty low compared to USD. Let's see, USD 1 equals to IDR 9,000 (my currency). With IDR 9,000 you can get a plate of fulfilling fried rice here, but what does USD 1 mean in US itself? 1 original video game of PSP (henceforth called UMD) costs about USD 50, which is around a whooping IDR 450,000. I have to save money to buy these UMDs, not to mention I still have lots of fashion needs .__. one thing that convinces me until now is that buying originals means supporting the creators. As a true gamer, I believe that this is one thing I can do to show my support to the creators:)

I only have 3 UMDs, because sadly, my realization comes to late and the era of PSP will soon end. PS Vita is the successor, but I'm still not sure whether to buy it since I already have my PS3. I have shown some love to my PS3 in my facebook page, so I thought I'll give some love too to my PSP in this blog<3

As a closing, here's a random shot of my precious rings. They're all handmade, purchased from a small store in Singapore's Far East Plaza named Sunflower. Sunflower sells lots of cute handmade stuffs from jewelry to books. Definitely not to miss if you're a fan of handmade stuffs like me :3 

Thanks for reading<3


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    1. aku jg org indo;) haha.. Oke nanti aku cek ya :) thanks uda mampir! Maap balasnya lama.


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