The Getaway to Break Away

Soooo today I’m going to post 2 outfits, worn on last Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s look: The Getaway

Had an awesome lunch at a restaurant named Tiga Nyonya. They served Peranakan (or Malaysian food) with homey and traditional ambience.

Highlights of the day: es kacang merah and emerald fried rice.
The es kacang merah was extraordinarily delicious. I’m not even a fan of red bean, but it was delicious. The sweet taste came from the bean itself. The delightful sweetness… took me to heaven (that’s a little bit too much,lol.) The emerald fried rice was equally yummy. I wasn’t sure of its taste since it was green and all, but it was pretty delicious. The green color naturally came from its core ingredient: green chili.

A goofey photo alert! :p
Now that was a bit unfortunate.. The angle was great but my face was tad ugly X)

Wearing dark brown soft-lenses from GOWI Lens (forgot the code :p)

Outfits: Peek-a-boo Shorts from GOWIGASA || Flats bought on airplane || Bag from Accecorize

Saturday’s look: Break Away

Not much to say because I didn’t bring my camera that day… Too bad since the food at Fujiya Japanese Restaurant and the ice cream at Boliva was awesome! :D some more outfit photos on the way… (excuse the lame background, they were taken at home:p)

Close-up photo:

This one’s weird but taken at a good angle XD

 Love love my new shorts<3

Outfits: Brown Lola Blazer, Soft Yellow Peter Pan Top, Eloise Shorts, Red Belt, Rainbow Bracelet from GOWIGASA || Heels from Charles and Keith

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