The Rooftop Story

After 2 weeks of no outfit post, I wanna try something dramatic by taking shoots in a whole different background. Honestly, it takes lotsa efforts (or sweats) to get into the place which is…mah roof. XD

Whoooo the breeze. (that feeling after you climbed up the roof)

My typical outfit to campus :D I seldom feel like dressing up to campus, but when I feel like it, the easiest way is to “preppi-fy” my outfit a.k.a wearing a collared inner with a plain shirt on top of it. Sometimes, I add a ribbon to make it cuter, but at other times, a cute necklace will suffice :p btw, does this pair of geeky glasses make my face seem rounder?

The ladder to the roof takes ninja skill, especially if you’re carrying these thick books. Ah, how I miss climbing the roof. I used to do it a lot when I was a kid. Those good ol’tomboyish days… I remember I loved staring at the sky whenever I was feeling blue. Right. My rooftop was my escape, despite mum's constant yelling that I dirtied my pants a lot by sitting up there :p

 The un-edited version of lookbook:)

It’s kinda odd to see dirty roofs scattered all over the background, isn’t it?

Details of my inner white shirt. And my DIY nail<3 an instant reminder of a Nano Nano candy.
(Btw blame the ladder for the green-ish stains on my hand D:)

A close look of my giraffe necklace. Say hi! 

New Mary Jane pumps from Everbest. They’re having a renovation sale at Galaxy Mall! Scored this for IDR 253,000, which is around USD 25.

Had difficulties at adjusting the setting of my camera (I’m still a dork at using this Nikon 5100D), resulting in less blur-ish backgrounds. I need to practice more D:
On a small note, I think this is the first time I take pictures of me with my normal, straight hair. I actually styled it a bit for the photoshot, but it ended up….let’s say messed up, after a tiring climb to the roof XD

Outfits: Geeky Glasses: Sister’s || Giraffe Necklace || White shirt || Pink Shirt: Zara || Jegging: Zara || Mary Jane Pumps: Everbest.

Thanks to my littlest sister for being my photographer of the day<3


  1. aww cute necklace! :3
    you look cool in that geeky glasses, btw! :D

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    1. <3 thank you!
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