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So I have piled up so many clothes in the recent months (to compensate for the stress due to thesis and other things), but I haven't got time to snap some outfit photos. I will though, in this weekend! :) I have pretty much done my thesis revision. All that is left is to study Japanese, which is 1000 times more fun than revising my thesis.

Ahem, you may think that my recent obsessions have something to do with that...but they are not. Well, they are kinda related to Japanese though.


I'm currently addicted to anime figures. Very very addicted. And this, of course, tortures my wallet. I think my problem is probably having too many interests. I love video games, clothes, manga(s), food, and now figures. I've got nothing to complain, though (other than my wallet). So far, these things keep me content and happy :)

What got me into these figures is, first of all, because of my bf. He's recently been an otaku, and his otaku-ness kinda revives my childhood otaku-ness. Honestly, it's the nerdy side of him whom I like most :3 let's see what he bought!

A Gundam.

Random thought: I can read some of the instructions woooo!

Almost done!

Ah ;~; *tears of joy*

I had fun just by watching the assembling process, although this is probably not for me. I mean, well I like watching and reading Gundam. You should too. In contrast to common belief, Gundam's stories are not only about wars and fighting. There are times when you, too, will start to question what is right and wrong. *cough* So back to my point, as much as I like the anime and manga, I am not really into Gundam figures.

What I'm into is something like this.

TAA-DAH! Introducing you to the Petite Nendoroid of Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime. I didn't pick her because I like the anime, actually. It's more because of the amazing details even though it is a petite figure. Even the photos can't justify the actual look.

For me it's like the anime character herself comes to life...in a chibi form :p
I used to think that the figures are overpriced, but when I see them with my own eyes, I kinda understand. The handiwork is excellent. The petite one like this is not expensive, only about IDR 60.000 or so, but the normal one will cost about IDR 400.000. For the normal one, you can change the expressions too *sigh*

Before I'll see you in my next post, here are some random pics of my recent parties.
Not very comfortable showing my arms in photos because I have these insecurities about my arms.. Everytime I gain some weight, the arms are the one who receive those fats -__- anyway I like the texture of my dress! ;) and of course, my flowery heels.

Oh, right. I am going to East Europe this December, so there will be lots of interesting posts. I have even planned the outfits lol lol I kinda wish I could go to Japan, though, instead of Europe.
I'll see you around! :)


  1. wow, these stuffs are really cute! <3
    how about following each other via GFC? let me know :)

    sweet and sugars,

    1. Thank you~ They are, aren't they? :D
      Sure thing, I'll drop a comment later on <3

  2. waww, very talented :)
    anyway, i'm loving your blog. Mind to follow each other? post a comment if you did that, and i will follow you back!
    keep in touch <3


    1. Awww thank you! ;)
      Sure thing, I'll drop a comment later on :D talk to you later!

  3. I love those floral shoes!

    <3 Melissa

  4. aww i think you should go to japan, to grab more collections hahaha
    want to follow each other?

    grace| new blog post

    1. I went once when I wasn't as otaku as I am now haha! :p
      Ah, sure thing! ;) will drop by your blog later <3

  5. I love the same thing as you hahaha I'm collecting one piece!:D


    1. You do ce? :o wkaka I've never thought that you like these too

  6. Aw, so cute! Love this post.
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thank you! <3
      Sure thing, will drop by later hehe :) thanks again!

  7. Haha! I hope I could go to Europe for honeymoon, but still haven't decided yet.
    Btw, where did you buy the floral heels? :)


    1. Or maybe you can travel around the world, lol.
      Payless! ;) you can find it in PTC or CW.

  8. haha gundam cost a lot of money , it does not cheap.one of my friend is gundam a collector and he's kinda maniac LOL but for him its just fun assembling the parts so later it will be a great figure.
    im following you now anyway , mind to visit mine ?
    xoxo :*


    1. haha yes that's a good point. It's just amazing though, how the manufacturers make it... It's like the Gundam comes to live.
      Thank you! ;) will do!


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