30 Minutes Away

Hello, everyone!

I promised myself that I'd update my blog more often, so now I'm trying to do a new post at least twice a week haha. I know in my last post I promised to show you photos of my trip to Jatim Park, but that will have to wait ;)

Feeling childlike today. I even wore socks with my heels. From afar, I looked like I was wearing a pair of white boots, but no :p

Truth is, I'm going to turn to 21 pretty soon -___- I started writing this post exactly 30 minutes before my 21st birthday, and I've got mixed feelings. 21 means I'll be graduating from English Lit major pretty soon, and that means I've gotta decide what I want to do next a.s.a.p.

I was hoping that I could continue studying Japanese, but maybe that's kind of a hopeless hope. I'm currently taking Japanese courses now, and I definitely love it. My inner otaku and gamer selves make my whole Japanese-learning experience to be extraordinarily exciting and fun. However, I'm aware that my family expects me to pursue Chinese instead, so yeah, I'm probably going to China instead. Not to mention that going to Japan will cost MUCH higher compared to going to China.  Imho, Japanese is more practical because I can read manga(s) and game(s) without waiting for their translations haha. I'm such a simple-minded person!;)
Ah sorry, I ended up ranting! >__<

My best shot of the day! ;)
I cropped this at such a weird size, but this might make a cute bookmark lol! Love this one because it looks like I'm walking through a forest (which is actually the front of my house)
Korean Mini Watch from Blossom Shop, my best friend's online store. Look at all those details! >3 and inside the box there is a handmade certificate too! Definitely a must-have if you're a fan of handmade stuffs like me :)

Heels from Charles and Keith, Socks from Sox Gallery <3

DIY nail-art! Oh, and look at the cute details of my scalloped shorts<3
 Outfit: Dreamy Blue Top from Romwe || Baby Pink Scalloped Shorts from Kero Shop || Korean Mini Watch from Blossom Shop || Heels from Charles and Keith || Socks from Sox Gallery || Nail Polishes from Etude and Face Shop

Thanks for reading! :)

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