Tretes Mountain Trip!

This is probably my first time EVER posting a new post just few days after the last one haha. Maybe it's a positive sign that my laziness has left me? Wait, I actually made it look like I didn't take any part in the blame :p

A while ago, my friends and I went for a trip to Tretes and Batu. The good thing is my grandpa owned an old villa in Tretes. Although personally for me the villa is a wreckage, it's still a proper shelter anyway;)

A quick shot before the trip! I don't think my current hair fits for curly style, now -.-

We started our trip by having our lunch at Ayam Sri, famous for its fried chicken. The fried chicken doesn't look like your normal fried chicken. In fact, if you look at it, you probably think that it's grilled instead of fried. But of course, never judge a fried chicken from its presentation :p

It tastes 1000x more delicious than the appearance
Tahu Penyet<3
When we finally arrived at the villa.... I snapped some shots! mwahaha
The stairs to villa

the backyard! ;) Look at the cute European lamp! Wanted to snap outfit photos with it, but I was too shy so yeah. :p
 I don't quite remember the chronology of things we were doing at the villa, but this amazing dinner is an exception :D

Suki! A friend who is a guy did this.. Shame on me haha


When you see the suki, it seems like the pot couldn't hold it anymore, no? However, all that suki and hamburgers were devoured till the last bite ;)

I was going to continue the post until the part where we went to Jatim Park II, but this post seems long enough, so I'll save it for later! ;) Here are some photos of the outfits I wore that day.

Thanks for reading! ;) Sorry if it feels like I'm in a rush... Well I actually am because I'm already late for my dentist appointment! x__x See y'all~


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