Jatim Park II Part I

I know, I promised to show some pics of my trip to Jatim Park II! ;)

At first, I was quite pessimistic of the place haha. Although I live in Surabaya, I have never visited Jatim Park, Batu Night Spectacular, Wisata Bahari Lamongan, you name it! So when my friends were all excited to go there, my only thought was, "Will it be sunny there?" (I have an avid fear of sun, frankly speaking :p)

Brace yourself for lots of photos!

A lonely little pony :(

A real back swan.

This is my favorite animal so far! He looks like a ball of fur when he's lying down like that. When he exercised, I was like *____*(cuteness overload). Now you know that I have soft spots for animals :3 (the chubby ones, particularly)

Look at how adorable he is when nomming his corn!

An albino kangaroo.

I'm completely happy on how this pic turns out. The fish's vibrant colors appear stunning!

Oh right, the electric eel. They even bother to put a warning sign in front of it haha.

I set the speed too low, but I guess it wasn't that bad. It had a kind of dreamy effect, don't you think?

Funny how they put the rabbit that way!

If those crocs are human beings, they're definitely a couple gazing at a sunset together :p

This one is rather interesting. When we got there, the snake had just finished changing skin.

More photos coming up next! Or probably I'll blog about my birthday next. Who knows :p
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Hey, my favourite is the same as yours, is that a wolf, a fox? Don't worry, you were not the only citizen who'd never been there, I am as alien as u was haha

    1. Idk for sure, actually. I was sure it was a racoon, but when you said fox...well he kinda looked like a fox too, so dunno!:p but my best guess is still racoon. Ah, you haven't too? I'm glad that I wasn't the only alien (supposedly not something to be glad about haha)

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