Jatim Park Part II

First thing first, Happy Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate it! ;)

So here's the next part of my Jatim Park II trip. Sorry it took so long :p

Actually, this year is probably the first year ever when I feel there's so much going on in my life. I've never felt this busy haha. Since I'm the lazy type, I enjoy doing nothing a lot more than having too much to do. That's probably why in previous years, the only thing that mattered to me was my study. Even though I had the competence to teach in private courses, the ability to maybe do something art-related and some other things, I've never bothered to pursue those further.

Now this year, I suddenly have the urge to do things other than my main study, English Literature. I took Japanese, taught English, and now I'm considering to make my art into something sell-able. Taking Japanese is actually more than enough to make my life busy, imho XD my Sensei is so dedicated (and strict, too). She wants me to take an examination in December, so we're studying hard to reach that target. I have to memorize more than 20 kanji(s) per week, but as much as it makes my life more difficult, I've been enjoying every moment of the study.

*ahem* Without further ado, here are the pics I promised you ;)
I basically practiced taking photos there, so yeah, that's why there are lots of 'em :D

Honestly, I'm scared of horror houses haha. I can play horror games, but uh if it's in real life (though it's faked), I'd rather pass!

This is a rabbit we found wandering alone. I wonder if she's lost?

My eyes are so slanting here! Then again they're slanting, but I always do my best to make them appear bigger, lol.

I'm proud of how this one turned out! ;) pretty fountain, eh?

"I'm smeky!"

I love the serene expression of the white lion so much that I'd figured I'd put two pics.

I think I did good here, Rule of Thirds-wise ;)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Great photos! goodluck on your exam soon! Hope you pass! ;)

    Love your blog! I'm your newest follower. Hope you visit my blog too and I would love it if you follow me back. It's a new blog so hope you'll like it. :)

    ♥ http://starsandstitches.blogspot.com/
    ♥ http://starsandstitches.blogspot.com/

    1. Aww thanks! :D I'm studying hard!
      Oh sure! ;) I'll drop by later on. Nice blog name, btw.

  2. Hey wait, are you taking English literature as a major? Aw girl, I so envy you so frigging so much!

    1. Ahaha yeah! Actually, I think my parents let me take it because I'm a girl -__-
      Well if you are really interested in English Lit, you should take it abroad. With your current level of English, I don't think it'll do you any good to take it here :p then again, you're already 20 so I'm assuming you're already in uni. Perhaps taking English Lit as your Master degree later on?;)


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