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Hello everyone! :D
Sorry for being totally missing during these few weeks (or has it been a month?).  I actually wore some outfits expecting to do outfit posts, but at the end of the day, I always ended up too shy to take photos outside haha

Have you watched Total Recall?
If you haven't, you totally should. A must if you're a fan of Collin Farrel (I am!). However, story-wise, I expected more. I mean, the sci-fi background is visionary and such, but the main story isn't that good.

Anyway, I wore this outfit some weeks ago, but since I wasn't able to take a pic back then, today was perfect. I thought of this look when I bought the crochet shorts. Some months ago, I purchased the mint (or apple green?) chiffon blouse from Romwe. I definitely like it, but I had difficulties in choosing the right bottom. Maybe it's time to throw my whole wardrobe -___- thank goodness I found the crochet shorts!

Oh right, I had my hair cut some weeks ago! ;) it feels A LOT lighter compared to my super long hair. I kinda look younger too at the same time, so no regret :p
Oh, and the Romwe blouse is awesome in many ways. It's one of my first purchases at Romwe, and I must say that I love it. The fabric is perfect!
I love my new hair.
Cherry chan necklace
Snatched my lil sis' cute turtle ring :3 if I tilt my finger, its head and feet can move
Accessorize bag and New Look pastel bangles
Last but not least -- My awesome Zara heels! It's the highest heels I've ever owned yet. I couldn't resist the color<3
This ends up as my facebook profile picture<3
Big thanks to my dad and lil sis for taking the photos :D I was such a clumsy model. I tried acting natural, but most of the times my faces turned out goofy D:

On another note, did you know that Final Fantasy Distant World will finally have their concert in Malaysia in November? I want to go sooooo bad. I think there's no way the orchestra will come to Indonesia, so my best chance is Malaysia. If you're a fan of Final Fantasy and its music, you will enjoy this concert. To know more, click here

Thanks for reading! :D


  1. love your heels so much . great combination of stuff :)
    that lace short looks match !!
    im following you now as well :)


    1. Aww thanks! How sweet of you ;)
      Gonna drop by your blog as well~

  2. love the outfit!!! so beautiful

    the pastel colors really suits you :)


    1. People say that too, but whenever I wear pastels, I feel like my inner tomboy-ish self is itching to show itself haha :p
      Thank youuu<3

  3. I love your look!!!^^
    so pretty ;)


  4. Love your outfit and photos! :)

  5. Nice outfit ! :)

    http://vionashu.blogspot.com/2012/08/100-followers-loverution-chapter-1.html :)

    1. Thank you! ;)
      Sure thing, will drop by later!

  6. Haven't watched the flick, honestly I'm not that into sci-fi or action movie haha Beautiful outfit anyhow! The pastels & the violet work too perfectly <3

    1. Haha really? I always thought that guys were always into sci-fi and action! Thank you :D


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