The Milky Way

I didn't plan to blog today, so please excuse my goofy faces haha.

My family and I went to Jade Imperial for today's dinner. My mum initially wanted Semanggi, but we figured the food court would be crowded, so we opted for Jade Imperial instead. People said their La Mian was good (and much cheaper too compared to some other restaurants which offer La Mian).

Originally craved for the first one, but it was sold out, sadly. I've always been a fan of Tom Yam, so I gave it a try.

Yum, yum! I'd give it 9 out of 10, really! I got runny nose thanks to the spicy soup, but oh well it was delicious!
Chrysanthemum tea as our drink<3

Candid shots snapped by my dad. I look quite elegant while eating and drinking, lol. Frankly speaking, I'm quite the opposite in real life XD

Durian Pudding -- my mum's order. Blah, I'm not a fan of durians, but I must admit that the presentation makes it look delicious :9

My choice and sis'. Mango pudding FTW, though we find it a bit over the top for the dessert to cost almost the same as the La Mian. The pudding is so-so, too.

The final verdict? The La Mian is a must-try, indeed! ;) I only tried their Tom Yam La Mian, but my dad, mum, and sis enjoyed their La Mian too. Their serving is not too big. I didn't really feel full after eating the La Mian, but then again maybe my stomach capacity is too huge :3

Oh, right. The title of today's post is from my top....which is my very first galaxy clothing! :) bought it at a local online shop. The top was actually a T-shirt. You can't see it in the pic, but I cut the neckline and the shoulder and make it a cut-out top. Now it's more wearable! (I'm not a fan of T-shirt)

My sis snapped this when we were at the mall... I pretended there weren't people haha.

Again, it's my favorite blazer ever from GOWIGASA

Excuse my random poses from this point on.

I used to think that this pair of high heels are very very high. Now when I wear it... It's not that high >_> it's chunky too, so it's really comfortable to wear.

Despite the goofy face, I like how this photo turns out!<3

Suddenly when we were about to leave, people start coming out too haha. They make a great background! :p

It's a bit blur-ish, but I love this pic! I'm literally staring at Pocky.
Thanks for reading!<3


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    1. Hello, Mill! :) I'm doing great, I guess. You?
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      <3 thanks again!

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  4. nice blazer, I love its brown color!

  5. It was at the Galaxy Mall, no? Well, parking lot seems the same everywhere haha lucky u to have that beautiful galaxy top from a local shop!

    1. You got me! It was GM :) I think the stairs are a bit different for each mall, or is it only my feeling? Thank you! I was indeed lucky to find it.

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    1. Oh hi, Julian! Sorry for the super late reply. I've been a silent reader of your blog, actually :p definitely love it.
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  7. u look so preettyy! lovely photography as well
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    1. Oh hey! :) I recognize you from instagram. You commented on one of my pics :3
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